a field of flowers 

but i am a rock and so are you

they would blossom but 


no one else

not my decision

neither friends nor enemies

no rain nor shine

its peaceful again

do they listen?

is the world still deafening?

moment to moment and then trigger and then love and then moment to moment, but all of it in the future.

unnecessarily forceful and extreme; ie, excited dog, tail wag, tongue pant 

no matter, its a powerful thing, easy to appear selfish when there is no other self made available. giving what was given previously. 

serious admiration of, but no patience




no feedback is okay when in contact with the void

im not kidding, its coming soon

holy spirit>


soul (mind)>




life giver

breath of life

inside of life flowing like water inside of here

its easily replicated by the false god

"all you ppl get caught up in these circles that seem to last forever, but they do not. you are unaware of your direction and I envy you. but there are several circles, and not one of them the same. but when you step outside you cannot step back in. in fact, you see all circles by exiting your own, but by looking directly at it's curve. by predicting it's path. you have erased the curve. all you people. and we are doomed until we realize we are in a much bigger circle after all. and this one has been going on far longer than we have been here, and it's continuing long after we are gone. and it truly is the greatest circle. but these little circles, these ascending feelings and decadent sprees, these little pits that are simply remedied by your ease of communication. ease f travel. these little circles will be the true end of you. if all you ppl never see your circle you will suffer a fate meant for those who worship the ways of death and self-gratification. your life will become plastic and you will turn to static." -false god