day 45

it manifests so beautifully 

the litmus  

this happening can occur through separate methods. considering all of them is worthwhile  



day 44

currently feeling ethereal and like what will happen next is going to be extremely chaotic

day 43

something bigger than ourselves is guiding us, but we are all also that thing.  


day 42

just had a dream that i turned bruce springsteen into an iguana at a house party and struggled very much to contain him because he was strong. at one point he was roaming a dog park, and i was feeling nervous about it. eventually, i had to call the cops because it was too much for me to handle. 

day 41

i let myself go consciously and bring myself back consciously, becoming less than what i expect of others. 


day 39


express weakness, but don’t rely on it. is that what i’m doing? is that what you’re doing? 


do not mask truth

day 38

it’s extremely beneficial for you to be here.



day 35

identity quest

venture into the woods and find out you can’t exist elsewhere