day 14

Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.


I just had a dream I met jordan peterson. he was cold and distant towards me, despite my knowing that if I actually met him, it would be at least neutral and at most engaging. i was watching his latest lecture on the psychological significance of the bible as I took a nap and had the dream. he was talking about noah and the flood.

last night i had another dream where i met someone from woke reality from my past who had been very distant and cold towards me more often than not, but in the dream we were very close and it felt real and warm and it was my birthday and I lived with a demented middle american family. I was being saved by this person who never actually did so. it was the manifestation of my idealized version of reality. it was interesting.

last night before i went to bed I was a little drunk and took a melatonin and told myself, "i want to dream"