day 21

the most nuanced feeling

witnessing the first steps into mania  

the most disparate and awkward 

the most fine and telling

the most familar 

by those you care most about

receiving malice in its utterance  

by those who will not witness it

but continue to seek a gilded glory


all too familar




language is not enough to communicate with ancient/present spirit. ideologies crystalize the language, furthering distance from spirit. validation crystalizes an ideology, further still from spirit. 


we construct our own negation. we facilitate our alienation. we withhold our own answers. to gain standing, we obscure the solution with our own egotistical failings, pushing them to become collective burdens others must tend to. 


we do this because we have failed to become a collection of individuals capable of overcoming spiritual birth  pains in solidarity and are instead becoming a collection of validated ideologies -- spiritually devoid, feeble, death-centric. 


do not long for emptiness in others because you cannot fill your own vessel