connected / projector

atmospheric / oceanic

population  / alienation 

animus / anima  

time / space 


spirit / hive 

(the bombs underneath)

transcending matter


nov 14 18

had a dream i met a teenage version of andy warhol at a job site while installing signs. we were putting up nonsensical signs, unrelated to anything, in a small, hidden alcove under a bridge. he commented about how he liked them because they were unviewable.

he watched us awkwardly from a distance for a few minutes before very shyly approaching.


day 63

tuning the radio dial endlessly to new frequencies 

half-heartedly attempting to explain this whole thing   

stale air hangs in the present, the product of a decaying past and certain future  


i will paint after the next album is done. the next album is about a non-carbon based lifeform discovering humanity.


day 62

anything is true now, so be guided by faith, and either fall or rise at the end of an age


day 59

being bombarded by other people’s expressions is not good if you are sensitive to it


day 58

mundane novelty is the new cool thing on the precipice of the young, hip human art experience 


day 56

most people lie to appear like something they are truly not- that deeper something. internalized, and wretched.  

our culture of image worshipping has gone beyond women/men trying to live up to impossible beach body magazine standards- now everyone with a phone and an internet connection can be famous beyond their means, take out loans for their soul.

it warms me to find people avoiding this, or actively sharing their truth sans “identity” to hopefully jolt some of these people out of their hopelessness and back to reality. 

ive struggled with this personally for a long time  



day 55

ketogenic dieting is changing my physiological/psychosomatic experience of reality in an incredibly beneficial way.

millions of years are inside of us

wild is wisdom. reason. purpose. destination