transcending the animal body

is understanding the source of all subtle

unconscious phase shifts 


as opposed to allowing them to control you


god is the future

happening in the present 




connected / projector

atmospheric / oceanic

population  / alienation 

animus / anima  

time / space 


spirit / hive 

(the bombs underneath)

transcending matter


nov 14 18

had a dream i met a teenage version of andy warhol at a job site while installing signs. we were putting up nonsensical signs, unrelated to anything, in a small, hidden alcove under a bridge. he commented about how he liked them because they were unviewable.

he watched us awkwardly from a distance for a few minutes before very shyly approaching.


day 63

tuning the radio dial endlessly to new frequencies 

half-heartedly attempting to explain this whole thing   

stale air hangs in the present, the product of a decaying past and certain future  


i will paint after the next album is done. the next album is about a non-carbon based lifeform discovering humanity.